14 Apr 2021

Shacman F3000 8x4 Camion

Weichai Engine( Moteur): WP12.400E201, 400HP

Fast Transmission: 10JSD180+(Prise de force)QH50

Front axle: Man 9.5 Ton

Rear axle: Man 16 Ton double reduction axle, ratio: 5.262

Tire: 12.00R20

Fuel tank: 400L 

Cargo body: 7.4x2.3x1.7m, 29CBM

Front lifting

Thickness of floor 8mm and side 6mm

Mining use thickness of floor 12mm and side 8mm or 10mm

Options: Oil-bath air filter, anti-theft of fuel tank cap, anti-theft of battery box, protective nut cap, add an ordinary coarse filter, 2 hazard warning lights

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