08 May 2024

Standing in the general assembly workshop of Shaanxi Automobile's Xinjiang special-purpose vehicles, workers are assembling frames, tires, cabs and other parts in an orderly manner. Most of these product vehicles will be exported to Central Asian countries and regions and will be delivered to Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Customers from Stan and other countries.

In recent years, Shaanxi Automobile has continuously improved its global network coverage through localized channel operations and localized cooperation. Currently, SHACMAN has been sold to more than 140 countries and regions around the world, covering more than 110 countries along the “Belt and Road”, with more than 300,000 units in overseas markets. Relying on reliable product quality and professional after-sales service, Shaanxi Automobile has continued to dig deep into the needs of market segments, improved channel layout, and established a task force since the beginning of this year. It has taken multiple measures to seize opportunities, seize the market, fill market gaps, and has successively won bids for Simao Guinea. Dudu Railway, Malawi Highway and many other projects provide overall solutions for the construction of "One Belt and One Road" projects and contribute to Shaanxi Automobile's strength.

Develop new products and broaden product spectrum. In 2023, Shaanxi Automobile has implemented a total of 182 new product development projects for overseas markets and completed the introduction of 7 offset terminal vehicles. Currently, Shaanxi Automobile's offset terminal trucks have landed in large international ports such as Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Brazil, competing with internationally renowned brands and becoming China's number one brand in the terminal truck segment of the international market. .

This year, Shaanxi Automobile has expanded the "one country, one vehicle" product category to 597 models based on 2023, with wider market coverage and higher precision in market segmentation. At the same time, the product configuration of existing models will be optimized to enhance product competitiveness. In traditional advantageous fields such as muck transportation, coal transportation, and vehicles for infrastructure projects, through measures such as product optimization and upgrading, dump truck order sales accounted for more than 50% in the first quarter. In addition, by promoting high-end series products such as X6000 and X5000, the proportion of tractor orders increased to 35% in the first quarter. Thanks to precise layout and improved product competitiveness, new Euro 5 and Euro 6 products have been introduced in key markets such as Saudi Arabia and Mexico, and batch orders have been achieved.

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