04 Mar 2022

Configuration advantages: 12 gear aluminum gearbox with synchronizer, Jost saddle, oil bath air filter, central lock, air seat, integral rear-view mirror, oil pan protection grid, water tank protection grid and rear tail lamp protection grid

Chassis configuration: sx425gu324h3000 extended high top cab with top side deflector tractor / glacier white metallic / WP12 400e201 / 12jsd200t-b - aluminum shell - without power takeoff / man5 5T front axle / 13tman single-stage reduction axle-3.7 / electric air conditioner / 400L aluminum alloy oil tank / 11r22 5. Domestic tubeless, non deantong brand / Jost 90 lightweight saddle/ Φ 430 clutch / oil bath air filter / domestic steering gear / without ABS / without dash CAM / electric turnover / bumper of new M3000 highway vehicle / lightweight fender / electric window lifter / central lock (with remote control) /Air main seat / integral rearview mirror / embodiment tube line optimization / aluminum alloy operating platform / rim trim cover / oil pan protection grid / tail lamp protection grid / embodiment golden shacmanlogo / 2020 general recommended model configuration for export / lightweight version

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