17 Nov 2023

On November 14, "Silk Road Builds Dreams, Cooperation Creates Brilliance" - the 2023 national online media themed interview event came to Shaanxi Automobile Group.

In the automobile assembly plant of Shaanxi Automobile Group, several Shaanxi Automobile trucks with bright colors drove out majestically from the production line. Soon, 

they will go all the way west into Tajikistan and gallop at the local construction project site.

"In Tajikistan, one out of every two Chinese heavy-duty trucks comes from Shaanxi Automobile Group." During the interview, Hui Xiang, brand manager of the marketing 

department of Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Company, introduced. Due to its high cost performance, Shaanxi Automobile has been selling well in the local market 

and has been unanimously recognized and praised by local customers.

Workers are doing assembly work in the workshop

In 2013, the proposal of jointly building the “One Belt, One Road” initiative gave Shaanxi Automobile heavy trucks an increasingly high profile and recognition in the world. 

As China's first batch of complete vehicle and parts export companies, Shaanxi Automobile has seized the opportunities of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, 

fully integrated advantageous resources in the international market, worked closely with outstanding international partners, and continued to accelerate its overseas layout, 

especially along the "One Belt and One Road" route. It is understood that in the five Central Asian countries, Shaanxi Automobile's market share among Chinese heavy truck 

brands exceeds 40%, ranking first among Chinese heavy truck brands.

“The biggest feature of Shaanxi Automobile Group’s exports is that our products are tailor-made for each country.” Huixiang said, example, 

Kazakhstan has a relatively large land area, so tractors are needed to handle long-distance logistics. Tajikistan has many 

electromechanical projects, so the demand for dump trucks is even greater. Huixiang said that Shaanxi Automobile currently has more than 

5,000 vehicles in the Tajikistan market, with a market share of more than 60%, ranking first among Chinese heavy truck brands. "We implement 

the 'one country, one vehicle' product strategy, tailor-made overall vehicle solutions for customers, compete for overseas market share in Europe, 

the United States, Japan and South Korea, and enhance the influence of China's heavy truck brands."

As one of the first Chinese heavy truck companies to go abroad and go global, Shaanxi Automobile actively participates in the “Belt and Road” 

construction and has built local chemical plants in 15 “Belt and Road” partners including Algeria, Kenya, and Nigeria. It has 42 overseas marketing areas, 

more than 190 first-level dealers, 38 parts central warehouses, 97 overseas parts specialty stores, and more than 240 overseas service outlets. 

Its products are exported to more than 130 countries and regions, and its export volume remains the industry leader. Forefront.

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