02 Feb 2024

SHACMAN S300 Light Truck Launched in the New Energy Market

Guided by the "dual carbon" goal, the transformation of commercial vehicles into new energy has become an inevitable trend. Since the launch of Shaanxi Automobile Group's first pure electric commercial vehicle in 2007, after 20 years of pure electric technology accumulation and more than 50 years of vehicle manufacturing technology support, it has continued to lead the future development of China's commercial vehicle products.

Faced with the demand of the new energy market, Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle fully integrates its advantageous resources within the system, and strives to create a high-end new energy light truck platform. It applies industry-leading intelligent configuration, lightweight, and new energy technology to the Zhiyun S300, achieving comprehensive improvement in vehicle reliability, attendance rate, B10 lifespan, intelligence, and comfort, fully meeting diversified urban distribution logistics needs, and providing customers with the best transportation solutions.

The S300 new energy light truck has three major characteristics: top-notch three electric, ultra long endurance, and intelligent leadership for the future. Matched with the latest technologies from three major suppliers, Ningde Times, Huichuan Electric Control, and Hande Axle, we are actively developing integrated battery packs with high-efficiency integrated flat wire motors, combined with low wind resistance design, customized vehicle control strategies for different working conditions, and intelligent energy management technology. As a result, the vehicle's energy consumption has decreased by 10% year-on-year. Under urban comprehensive working conditions, the minimum range per kilowatt hour is 3.39 kilometers, Simultaneously reducing maintenance costs through extended maintenance mileage

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