25 Dec 2019

From the end of November to the beginning of December, the joint distributor of Shaanxi Automobile Nigeria Office and Weichai Nigeria Office successfully held three product promotion meetings and customer care activities in Benin, Warri and Hackett, the core cities in the southeast delta region of Nigeria. A total of more than 200 SHACMAN end users and potential users participated in this event.

The delta area is located in the southeast of Nigeria, which is an important oil producing area in Nigeria. Previously, the demand for trucks was small because of the severe security environment in the area. In recent years, with the security situation becomes well and the gradual acceleration of infrastructure construction, the demand for trucks has also increased. In order to consolidate the market foundation, SHACMAN Nigeria office took the opportunity of batch delivery of more than 100 new trucks to organize a series of activities in three regions, including brand promotion, product promotion, and key customer care, which aroused strong response from local users.

Through this activity, the end users in the delta area have a deeper understanding of the brand and products of SHACMAN, as well as a further understanding of the product service and spare parts support system. In order to further improve the using experience, SHACMAN Nigeria office will provide a series of patrol inspection services for customers by cooperate with dealers. In the future, SHACMAN will strive to improve the service capacity of Benin and Owerri outlets, and meet customer needs by ensuring response speed and service quality.

As the largest economy in Africa, Nigeria has great development potential. SHACMAN Nigeria office will continue to practice two concerns, consolidate the market foundation in Nigeria, and continue to create greater value for customers by providing high-quality product comprehensive solutions.

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